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Full HD 1080P Wide-Angle 1/2.7 CMOS 3.0MP Camcorder / Sports Camera w/ 16GB TF Card - Black - 5343.02 RUR DX
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1. Its a fantastic do-it-all camera. Techmoan (Great reviewer for gadget cameras). 2. Small and lightweight. It has a quality fisheye lens with outstanding image quality and minimum fisheye distortion. Shoot footage that is sharp from corner to corner with uniform brightness. Good low-light

Volbeat: Live From Beyond Hell / Above Heaven (Blu-ray) - 2217 RUR
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Forum,. Copenhagen,. Denmark. November 19th, 2010 01. Intro 02. The. Mirror. And. The. Ripper 03. Maybellene. I. Hofteholder 04. Hallelujah. Goat 05. 16. Dollars 06. Heaven. Nor. Hell 07. Guitar. Gangsters &. Cadillac. Blood 08. Who. They. Are 09. Evelyn 10. Mary. Ann's. Place 11. Sad. Man's.

NXP NTAG203 Smart NFC Tags w/ Stickers for Sony / HTC Samsung LG Nokia Acer + More - 327.47 RUR DX
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Can be applied on. RF-interfering surfaces such as cellphone batteries;. Dimensions: 21mm x 21mm;. Adhesive backing;. NFC. Chip. Type: NTAG203;. Full compliance to the. NFC. Forum. Tag 2. Type technical specification; 168 bytes of total memory divided in 42 pages (4 bytes each); 144 bytes of user.